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Fountain Pen spa wills harrogate


Making clients’ final wishes come true is basically what making a Will is all about, which is a huge responsibility but one that Spa Wills is more than capable of handling.  Spa Wills is run by Nicola Wilson a member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters, alongside Peter Catton and Stewart Amos.  The IPW accreditation is a significant accreditation as membership must be earned.

To become a member of the IPW you must pass its strict entrance examination, undertake continuous training and have a minimum of £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance and abide by a rigorous Code of Conduct.

That is highly reassuring as will writing is an area riddled with unprofessional practitioners.

Clients can trust Spa Wills implicitly, knowing we are a reputable an informed business who know exactly how to structure a Will, thanks to our membership of the IPW.

Having a will free from loopholes is crucial, whether your desire is to distribute your estate after your death, to save your beneficiaries from paying unnecessary levels of Inheritance Tax, or to leave a sum of money to your favourite charity.

Wills can cause much grief if they are not written correctly.  If you want your loved ones to avoid additional stress as they suffer your bereavement, make sure your Will is sound.  You can get in touch with Spa Wills Limited to give yourself this peace of mind.

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