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Why write a Will

Often people think that they don’t need a Will as they make assumptions as to what would happen to their property on their death.  However it isn’t always as straight forward as it is assumed. 

If you do not leave a Will and you die ‘intestate’ it can create serious complications for your family and friends left behind who are already suffering your loss.  If you make a Will, you will ease the process for those left behind; ensuring that those who you wish to benefit do so as well as easing the administrative burden upon them.

If you die intestate and you have young children, you would have no control over who would look after them and in such circumstances the courts would decide who would take on that role.  In your Will, you can appoint who you would wish to look after your children until they reach adulthood.

Making a Will can also reduce the Inheritance Tax (IHT) burden on your estate.

Finally, making a Will will give your family and friends clear direction as to how to deal with your final wishes and they may not need to employ (and pay the charges for) professionals who may otherwise have to be brought in to deal with the intestacy.



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